Finding a perfect baby gift set can be a lot boring and challenging. Not every baby gift store can provide you what you are looking for. That’s where an all-in-one store helps you meet your gifting needs. Whatever your budget or interests may be, these gift stores provide quality essentials that make any parent and baby smile alike. If you are looking for something unique yet special for your newborn baby, then you have arrived at the right place. From opulent hampers to budget-friendly bundle set, get all that you like. There are loads of baby gift stores to purchase from. Luckily, this blog is all about the best stores to buy beautiful presents for every occasion. In this blog, we have enlisted the top 5 best places to buy adorable baby git hampers in Singapore. Continue reading till the end to find the best among all. 

    Lovingly Signed:

    An enchanting gift collection with a charm of personalization, Lovingly Signed is an exceptional store to grab baby gift sets. Their beautiful readymade hampers are filled with every little essential that is ready to make parenthood easy for moms and dads. Even if you have a minimum budget, Lovingly Signed offers affordable gifts that look luxurious. Not only do their gifts look lovely from the inside but their signature packaging makes them visually appealing too. Go ahead and explore the website of Lovingly Signed. You will surely find something incredible for the little one. 


    Farfetch offers baby products from leading international brands. They provides customers with endless options to choose from while promising the quality remains exceptional than ever. The store provides a wide variety of modern and elegant gifts, delivering to you that you have planned in your mind. From plush toys to soft comforters to rubbery teethers, Farfetch provides a comprehensive gifting collection. Here, you are sure to find what you are looking for. Without any wait, hop on to Farfetch and buy the best baby gifts.

    Tiffany & Co:

    Tiffany & Co. has an impressive collection of designer products on its online store. They feature a number of plush toys that are going to elevate your stuffed toy collection. It provides unique heartwarming gifts that make a perfect keepsake. All their gifts are cherished by the entire family for many years to come. So, if you are in search of some luxurious branded products, then Tiffany & Co is a perfect option to consider. Do visit it!

    The Elly Store:

    The Elly Store has come out as an amazing baby gift store in Singapore. All their gifts adhere to the high standards of quality and look exquisite. Also, the hand-painted boxes make the gift elegant from the outside as well. The store includes a range of themes and colors to provide a variety of options for both baby boys and girls. If you want to add your own creativity, they let you create a customized hamper too. Here, you can build your own hamper and make it a perfect keepsake for new parents and babies. 

    Revel SG:

    The experts at Revel SG showcase their skills and efforts in crafting delightful yet practical items for the newborn. No doubt, their gifts instantly captivate your attention and you cannot ignore them. Also, all their products are stylish and vogue so you can level up your baby’s style. Shop online or in-store to get some pretty items for the baby. 


    Newborns are adorable and therefore, they deserve the best present on their arrival. Our favorite store to shop for adorable baby gift sets is Lovingly Signed. We love how they perfectly curate their products with thoughtful attention to detail. With personalization, their gifts are made more beautiful than ever. Grab the best baby gifts from Lovingly Signed. Happy Baby Shopping!

    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)
    • How long does it take to deliver baby gift sets in Singapore?

    Delivery of baby gift sets in Singapore depends on your location and retailer. However, if you order from Lovingly Signed, you can receive your order within the same day.

    • Can I find affordable baby gift sets?

    Yes, at Lovingly Signed, you can get a variety of baby gift sets in different prices, making shopping easier for those tight on budget.

    • Is it possible to add a greeting card to my baby gift set?

    Yes, absolutely! You can add a greeting to your baby gift set and write down a lovely message which sends your heartwarming congratulations to the new parents.

    • Can I find personalized baby gift sets?

    Of course! Lovingly Signed includes a plethora of personalized baby gifts that make precious keepsakes for families to cherish. Embroider your little one’s name on the goodies inside the hamper and make it special for your loved ones.

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